Why Auction

We believe that the auction method is the best way to sell personal property and real estate. With targeted marketing, auctions bring together people that are interested in your assets to competitively bid against each other. Competitive bidding negotiates prices up, not down.

  •   Auctions direct a marketing plan at a targeted audience
  •   Auctions allow you to pick the day and hour your property will be sold rather than wait out a lengthy listing.
  •   Definite terms are offered at auction and the buyer(s) are qualified by acknowledging the terms and meeting the deposit requirements.
  •   The auction process causes multiple buyers to compete at the same time and place to purchase your property.
  •   Auctions allow sellers to see competitive bids on their property within a few minutes of the beginning of the auction.
  •   Auctions establish true market value.
  •   Satisfies governmental and judicial requirements.
  •   Expedient closing – high holding costs such as utilities, maintenance, taxes, and insurance are avoided.